Angela Cockayne explores the interface between art practice, text, natural sciences and ecology to address issues of  future sustainability. Terms familiar from art and museology such as custodianship,  and stewardship, become both illustration and metaphor in regard to the need to address the future life of the world around us.

This ambiguous collection of drawings and text is made as a blueprint, or plan of action for making work, performance and film – an oblique mission statement which explores our anthropogenic impact upon the  environment.

Signed limited edition drawings made into Giclee Blue Prints are now available from an edition of 30 in two sizes printed on matt archive grade paper.

A1 60cm X 88cm £250      A2 42cm x 59 £200   plus PP


Commissioned prints for Virginia Quarterly Review https://www.vqronline.org/people/angela-cockayne

Published in Aquatopia Tate publishing 2014                                                                      https://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-st-ives/exhibition/aquatopia

Phrenology published in The Sea  Philip Hoare  Tate publishing 2022  https://www.waterstones.com/book/look-again-the-sea/philip-hoare/9781849768276

for england sm

Ark Embrace Collection  available in 3 colours- Blueprint, Ochre and Colour.

embrace ochre 42 *

Ark Embrace Poster sm

Send us Grace

dont sell the clouds A2

Don’t Sell The Clouds

A Cockayne White house

White House

trade union A1 2017

The sun shines for us all

gynkos new 100Flukes Gynkos and Sentience

tantalus 100Tantalus

here now 100Here Now

colony 100 newColony


embrace fut 72Embrace

wunder smWunderkammer

phrenology 100 new Phrenology

moby doll 60 paleMoby-Doll

lamentations100 newLamentations

whale hood new 100Whale hood

tepid tears new 100Tepid Tears

explorers new 100Wonder


dolphin hood 100 newDolphin Hood

land sea air sm 2020Land Sea & Air

EMBRACE Blue *large Great Whales

sub whale sm


albatross print a2 sm jpgSend Us Grace


PC **** smParadoxal Compass


poison 100 Tooth and Claw

wild 100 dpiWilderness

fur new 100MC1R

new mars 100Placentals

hound new 100Doggerland

Special Edition Books

A Limited Edition of 50, signed A3 Linen bound books.

A collection of 24 Environmental Blueprints for ‘All our Tomorrows’ £75 plus P/P


tepid tears

Last few remaining  Tepid Tears of Moby Dick, Edition of 161 £50 plus p/p

Click the three bars in the top right hand corner at the top of this page for more works or visit https://www.instagram.com/angelacockayne/?hl=en   for unframed more detailed images

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