Girls of a Lesser God, Cast pewter on lambs wool

Serenity  Sea barer On the Rocks Sea Shepherdess Twit Twoo Cloven Curiosita Clawgirl  Sold Subaltern Academic Flipper Barnacles Hallmarked £1500 each Advertisements

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New Statesman July 2014 Philp Hoare

Strewn across New England’s green fields and hills are dozens of sites that once housed utopian communes. From the Shaker villages of Sabbathday Lake in Maine and Canterbury in New Hampshire to Bronson Alcott’s militant vegan Fruitlands in Massachusetts,these experiments in 18th- and19th-century communist living produced an extraordinary aesthetic, embodied in the clean-lined utilitarianism of […]

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Pewter Multiples

Pewter Flourish Bar Hallmarked £400 Advertisements

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Limited Edition Photographs For sale

                                                          Cold Feet   Edition of 5       Advertisements

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